The Taylor Swift Award

Billboard Article

Taylor Swift received the first ever Taylor Swift Award at the 2016 BMI’s. An article from Billboard states that “Taylor Swift added two more honors, the first ever Taylor Swift Award and Pop Songwriter of the Year, to her crowded shelf of industry accolades at the 64th annual BMI Pop Awards. The ceremony honored the writers and publishers of the most performed pop songs during the past year. Swift’s eponymous award, in recognition of her creative and artistic talent and influence, marked only the second time in BMI’s 76-year history that the organization has presented an award in an artist’s name. Michael Jackson was the first to achieve that honor in 1990.”

Swift also claimed four of the year’s most-performed songs to earn pop songwriter of the year kudos. “Bad Blood,” “Blank Space,” “Style” and “Wildest Dreams” are all featured on the artist’s Billboard 200 No. 1 album, 1989. In her acceptance speech Taylor said  “I’m really super relieved that BMI decided to give me the Taylor Swift award, because if they had chosen somebody else to give the Taylor Swift award to I’d be like kind of bummed about it,” Swift joked.

Last night BMI gave me an award called the Taylor Swift Award, which was very nice of them.

Congratulations to Taylor on winning the Taylor Swift Award. She is an inspiration to girls all around the world and truly deserves it. 1989 is an amazing album that turned into an amazing tour. She is definitely a musical icon that is here to stay.



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