Austin Swift

People Article


Austin & Taylor Swift have the best sibling relationship ever. She has taken him to award shows with her. They have gone to multiple parties together. She’s even taken him and the rest of her family on tours with her. One of my favorite videos that she has posted was last Easter. She and Austin were hunting for Easter eggs. In the video they were pushing each other away trying to get the eggs. So you probably already knew that Taylor Swift had a younger brother named Austin, but did you know that Austin has started an acting career?


An article in People magazine states, “In the newly released trailer for Pierce Brosnan’s upcoming technology thriller I.T. (out Sept. 23), Austin plays a character named Lance”. Austin grew up loving Pierce Brosnan and John Moore’s films. Austin posted a picture from the movie on Instagram and captioned it,” I never could’ve dreamt I would actually get the chance to work with them.” Taylor could not be any prouder of her little brother. She posted a picture on Instagram with the caption  “My Brother @austinkingsleyswift just acted in his first movie and I’m all proud and stuff.” I for one can not wait to see Austin make his own mark on the world. Good luck Mr. Swift!



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