Bob Dylan

One of my posts for my class has to be about a New York Times article. The article I chose is about Bob Dylan. We have discussed Dylan in many of my classes, so when I saw the article about him, I was more than happy to choose it. He is a phenomenal musician. The New York Times article I chose is titled “Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize, Redefining Boundaries of Literature”.

Dylan was first signed in 1961 to Colombia Records by John Hammond. Everyone thought that Hammond had lost his mind. They referred to Bob Dylan as Hammond’s Folly. Colombia even threated to drop his contract, but Dylan was defended by John Hammond and Johnny Cash. The article states, “Half a century ago, Bob Dylan shocked the music world by plugging in an electric guitar and alienating folk purists. For decades he continued to confound expectations, selling millions of records with dense, enigmatic songwriting. Now, Mr. Dylan, the poet laureate of the rock era, has been rewarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature, an honor that elevates him into the company of T. S. Eliot, Gabriel García Márquez, Toni Morrison and Samuel Beckett.”  He is the first musician to ever win a Nobel Prize.


There were some people that did not believe that Dylan deserved the award, but there are a lot of authors that are completely happy with this choice. I agree with those that are happy. Great songs, like the ones Bob Dylan writes, should be able to tell a story. If the audience can hear the story of the song, you are doing something right. My favorite part of this story is that whenever the committee tried to get in touch with Dylan to inform him of his win, no one could find him.

Even President Obama is a fan of Dylan! President Obama said at the medal ceremony. “There is not a bigger giant in the history of American music. All these years later, he’s still chasing that sound, still searching for a little bit of truth. And I have to say that I am a really big fan.”  The article quotes, “Today, everybody from Bruce Springsteen to U2, owes Bob a debt of gratitude”. Congratulations Mr. Dylan! You have definitely earned it.



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