Charlie Puth

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I know I usually post about Taylor Swift, but I was supposed to go to a Charlie Puth concert last weekend, so this post is going to be about him. He doesn’t have the level of success that Taylor has achieved, but he is quickly establishing himself as a legitimate artist.  He even made an appearance on “The Voice” just like Taylor!

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I’m going to start off talking about Chrlie’s background. Puth is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who gained his initial recognition by using, like many artists of the 21st century, YouTube to post videos. He was first signed by Ellen DeGeneres, but he initially did not go very far. He later signed with Atlantic Records where he released his song ‘Marvin Gaye’, a duet with Megan Trainer. He also did a duet with Wiz Khalifa, ‘See You Again’. Both songs did amazing in the charts and got Charlie’s name out there.

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Puth now has four albums. He was on his Nine Track Mind tour for which, as stated above, I had tickets. Unfortunately, Charlie got sick and had to cancel the rest of his shows.  I guess I will just have to wait awhile before I can see him live. He is an amazing musician, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Get well soon Charlie!”


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