Podcast Analysis

reduce-podcast-spaceAccording to Dictionary.com, a podcast is a digital audio or video file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer. It is in many ways similar to radio. Both podcast and radio are mainly audio. They both play music and have the goal to “interact” with the listeners. Radio and podcasts are also different. Instead of having to please a bunch of people podcasts allow more freedom to do what the creator wants. Unlike radio, podcasts are not limited by time restraints.

Podcasting began in 2003 and has grown a lot since then. In 2008, there were 10,000 podcasts on iTunes. Jump forward a few years to 2015, and there were 60,000 active podcasts on iTunes. It is my opinion that with the constantly changing technology, that number is going to continue to grow. Instead of being confined to a computer to listen to a podcast, you now have IPods, tablets, or even cell phones you can use to listen to your favorite show.

Image result for podcast changing

As technology changes, so will the podcast experience. I feel like eventually you will be able to listen to a podcast in the car instead of radio. Podcasts are fun, and there are a huge variety of them. You will be able to find one that you will like pretty easily, and they can be made by anyone who wants to create one. Podcasts are here to stay.


For the group project, my group decided to make a “hits radio show” podcast. Instead of doing the best hit songs of 2016, we decided to do the worst. We started by Googling the worst hits of 2016. We then chose three songs off of that list. After we had our songs, we assigned each song to a different person. We came up with a call-in game where the assigned person had to “guess” the song and then give their opinion about it. Finally, we recorded the show. Carlie took the recording, edited it, and then posted it to Podbean.com. Overall, I thought that this was a fun assignment. I would definitely love to do it again.


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