1989 World Tour

A year ago tomorrow, I drove an hour and a half to Nashville with my best friend, Shawnetta, in order to 0926151814a.jpgattend Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour. When we got to Nashville, we decided to go to the hotel, check in and get ready for the concert. While we were getting ready, we were jamming out to Taylor’s 1989 album. Finally the moment came. We left the hotel and made the short journey to the Bridgestone Arena. When we got to the arena, they had a karaoke machine outside. I was going to sing my go-to karaoke song, “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis, but we got there so late, we decided to just enter the arena. Looking back on it now, I wish I would have made the time to sing “Bleeding Love”.

When we got to our seats, we noticed that there were clear 0926151850.jpgbracelets taped to the back of them. After Shawnetta and I put the bracelets on, the light went out, and Vance Joy came on the stage. I can not remember all the songs that he sang, but I remember he had one of the most beautiful voices that I have heard. After Vance Joy’s performance, HAIM came out and performed a few songs. I honestly was not that impressed with the songs, but they had this energy about them that got the crowed pumped. Finally, after what felt like years, the music to “Welcome to New York” started playing, and Taylor slowly rose up from under the stage.

After performing some more songs, the moment came when Taylor announced her first guest. It was at that particular moment in 2016-09-25-13-04-10.jpgtime that I realized I was definitely meant to be at that specific concert. The first surprise guest was the one and only Leona Lewis, and of all of the songs she could have chosen, she decided to sing “Bleeding Love”.  This was by far one of the greatest moments of my life. I was literally brought to tears as I sang along. Later in the show, Taylor showed that she had more tricks up her sleeve screenshot_2016-09-25-13-11-59.pngand brought out Mick Jagger. They performed “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)”. She performed “Love Story” and “Fifteen” as well. “Fifteen” was dedicated to Abigail who was sitting in the audience, and Taylor looked at her the whole time she sang it.

When I walked into the Bridgestone Arena, I did not expect to walk out with my life changed. I just expected to have a great time and make some great memories with one of my best friends. After the concert, I realized that I did not want to be a teacher. I wanted to go into the music industry and help plan tours. I wanted to help make people feel the way I felt after the concert was over. I was completely wonderstruck.



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