The History of Radio Broadcasting

Hello people of the blogosphere. Today, instead of talking about Taylor Swift or celebrities in general, I am going to enlighten you with some awesome facts I have learned about radio stations. One of my class projects was to look up five radio stations and get the history of each. We then met with our groups to decide which of the radio stations we would use in our presentation. Finally, we presented our findings to the class.

After I got my information for my radio station, my group met and decided on four radio stations for the presentation. We used Nashville’s first successful radio station, WSM; a radio station from Lancaster, PA, WLAN; my local radio station, WBRY; and a station from Knoxville, TN, WWST.

Image result for wsm nashville

William looked up the information for WSM. It first aired on October 5, 1925. It was the oldest radio station that we looked up. It played an integral role in establishing the city of Nashville as a recording center. WSM started out with an informal format since most of their music was unwritten. They are now known for their country music format.

Image result for wlan lancaster pa

Taylor looked up the information for WLAN. It started in January 1948. It started out as a rock and roll station. It started to lose its audience, so the format was changed to Top 40’s. The station was later bought by iHeartMedia, Inc.

Image result for wbry

WBRY are the call letters for the radio station in my home town. It was started in 1964 by Austin Jennings. WBRY began as a country station. It is now owned by Doug Combs, and it’s still a country music station. Instead of playing new country music, though, WBRY still plays the old songs.


Carly looked up the information for WWST. It was formed in 1978. It started out playing adult contemporary and country music. It later switched to top 40’s. WWST is currently owned by E.W Scripps Company.


After we finished our research, everyone shared what they found. The majority of radio stations are either independently owned or owned by iHeartMedia.  The most popular formats are top 40’s, rock/pop, adult hits, and country.


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