The Media Blanket Around Musicans

For my Networks Then and Now class, one of our assignments is to start a blog. For my first post I have decided to write about something that I believe everyone does. Being the huge Taylor Swift fan that I am, I will be using her as an example throughout this post. I have attached a link simply Googling Taylor Swift. If you clicked the link you will see that about 105,000,000 results pop up. Taylor Swift is amazing, but has she really
done enough to have that many results pop up, or are people just obsessed with what she does?

I admit that if you look at my Google searches most of them will be about Taylor. She is my inspiration. After all going to her 1989 Image result for paparazzi taking pictures of taylor swift eatingconcert in Nashville is what made me decide that i want to go into concert management, but lets face it, the world is obsessed. She can do anything that you and I would do like go out to eat or go to the gym and get photographed and have a whole article out about it within minutes. Imagine one of your friends on Facebook posting what they are doing 24/7, you would get annoyed at them right? People are doing that to Taylor and other celebrities and we just eat it up so they continue to do it because it is easy money.

When I asked my Grandmother what she thinks of when she hears the name Taylor Swift, she does not reply that she is a Musician that writes her own songs. She replied with I heard she and her new boyfriend broke up. The media is more focused on Taylor’s relationships instead of the fact that she is a hard working Artist that can write songs, sing, and play multiple instruments, but why is that important when you can report about her relationships?

The last example that I am going to bring up was about two weeks ago when Taylor had Jury Duty. Something that everyone is going to have to do. My brother just got summoned for it about two days ago. The media blew up about her going to it. There was even a segment on  Entertainment Tonight. Did my brother get a segment on Entertainment Tonight? No. Should he have? Again I say no. I feel like we are now focusing more on what musicians are doing, rather than the wonderful music that they are coming out with.



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